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How much can I deposit by card?

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How much can I deposit by card?


Well, that all depends on the size and frequency of your deposits. We have a
rolling deposit system, which we'll try to explain as simply as possible. Within any 30-day period (which starts from your first deposit) you can deposit a maximum of $10,000 by card with three deposits per day.

Let's take a 30-day time period as an example and we'll say that you want to use the maximum permitted. On Day 1 you decide to deposit $2000, but on Day 5 you decide to deposit a further $5,000. That means you can only deposit a further $3000, which you decide to do on Day 15. That means after Day 15 you will not be able to deposit again by card until the 30-day period finishes.

This is where is may get a little tricky. In the following month you will again be able to deposit $10,000, but no bigger than the previous month's deposits. For example, if you wanted to deposit $3,000 on Day 2 of the following month, you would not be able to do so and would have to wait until Day 5 as you'd made a large $5,000 deposit on that day in the previous month, which would cover your $3,000 deposit.

Let's take another example where you don't want to deposit the maximum $10,000. On Day 1 you deposit $1000 and on Day 20 you deposit another $1000. On Day 1 of the following month you would be able to deposit the $8,000 you hadn't used the previous month PLUS the $1000 from the original Day 1 deposit.

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