Why have I not received my 4-digit verification code?

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Why have I not received my 4-digit verification code?


It may take a little while before the verification code shows on your card statement because all banks operate differently. In some cases, the verification code shows up almost immediately, while in others, it may take a while, approximately 2-3 business days. If you are not able to see the code right away, please wait for 2-3 business days. Then you may return and finish the card verification procedure later when you have the code.

If you haven’t received the 4-digit verification code after 2-3 business days, you may ask your bank card issuer for assistance. Or you can contact the support team by visiting our 24/5 live chat or sending an email to backoffice@myfxchoice.com to get more information about which documents you should provide so we can assist you in completing the card verification procedure.

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