How do I deposit via Qiwi?

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How do I deposit via Qiwi?


QIWI is a universal payment service that includes the world’s largest network of terminals, as well as a web and mobile application.


Qiwi is currently available for customers from the following countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, The Republic of Moldova, Armenia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Panama, Latvia, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Tajikistan, the United Kingdom and Uzbekistan.


To sign up to Qiwi, please follow this link:


Deposits initiated in Backoffice:

Fee – 6% (+ 1% conversion charges)

Processed – immediately


Deposit via Qiwi:

Required: the name on the Qiwi account must match the name on the FXChoice account; any third-party payments will not be accepted, and the funds will be returned to the payer.

  1. Upload funds to your Qiwi wallet
  2. Once the funds are available in your Qiwi wallet, you can go back to Backoffice and submit the deposit form (in the Deposit by Qiwi section).

The funds will show up in your FXChoice trading account immediately.


Withdrawal via Qiwi:

Please note that withdrawal via Qiwi is not available at the moment. Please consider using alternative withdrawal methods. Please contact us via Live Chat, or send email to us, to get more information about which method you can use.

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