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Orange arrow Can I lose more money than I deposit with you?

  Using a lot of leverage has an inherent risk of losing more money than was initially deposited into a trading account. This can result in a negative balance, but fear not, we are not going to send collections agencies after you or engage in any legal actions to recover our money. We operate with a ...
Orange arrow What are your Margin Call and Stop out Levels?

  A Margin Call is literally a Warning that you receive in your MT4 trading platform that your account has slipped past a certain percent of the required margin and there is not enough equity (unused balance + floating profits – floating losses) on the account to support your Open trades any fu...
Orange arrow Where do you have offices?

  We are based in Belize and here is the contact for our office....
Orange arrow Do you offer joint accounts?

  Our Joint accounts are allowed for spouses or other close relatives.You will need to supply ID documents for each person and send a request about having a joint account via email to the Backoffice teamAll persons will have the right to deposit and withdraw to/from the trading account/s....
Orange arrow How do I get historical data from MT4?

  To get historal data: 1) Open the desired chart2) Select the desired timeframe from the Toolbar3) Disable the "automatic scrolling" button, which is located next to the four chart button on the Toolbar4) Press "Home" button several times until you get the to the period you need. Please see att...
Orange arrow How I am able to obtain transaction data for tax reporting. Thank you

  Kindly note that tax reporting is solely the responsibility of the trader. We neither report any of your trades nor provide any statements for tax purposes, however, you can generate one in your MT4 platform for the period you need.Here is a detailed guide on how you can do that
Orange arrow What proof of address documents can I use?

  To verify your address, you can provide one of the following documents: A utility bill (gas, water, electricity); A bank statement; A medical/house/car insurance statement; A paycheck. Please ensure that the document is no older than 6 months and it is in high and readable quality....
Orange arrow Are you a Dealing Desk Broker?

  No, we are NOT a dealing desk (DD), we are NDD (No Dealing Desk) broker. Trading on our end is automated and without human intervention. This means all trades go directly to the market and we do not alter any of the customers' trades....
Orange arrow Do you enforce NFA trading rules?

  Our clients are not restrained by NFA trading rules. All account holders can hedge and are not held to FIFO rules either....
Orange arrow Do you accept US residents?

  Yes, we accept US residents....
Orange arrow Are you regulated?

  The answer is yes and if you scroll down to the bottom of any page on our website you will find our license number. If you click here, you will be taken to the official website of our regulatory body. You will be able to find us under the “Regulated service providers” tab, in list &ldqu...
Orange arrow What does the term 'STP' mean?

  STP stands for Straight-Through Processing. The STP system routes orders directly to liquidity providers who have access to the interbank market....
Orange arrow What is leverage?

  It is a lever to your investment which can multiply your profits. For example, if your leverage 1:200, that means you can purchase up to 200 times your initial investment. We recommend that you use leverage responsibly....
Orange arrow Do you offer guaranteed stop loss protection?

  Being an ECN broker means we can't offer guaranteed fills for stop orders. We execute them at the best available price, but it may be with positive or negative slippage, as well as executed at the requested price. No ECN broker can offer guaranteed stop order fills because it is very high risk for ...
Orange arrow How can I receive all the benefits of an affiliate?

  To receive all the benefits of an appropriate affiliate, please open and fund an account through their unique referral link. Please note that deposits must be made by external transfer....

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