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Orange arrow Do you permit using the arbitrage strategy?

  From our perspective, it doesn't really matter what strategy you or your EA uses. There are no limitations on strategies and we allow all EAs....
Orange arrow What is the daily commission for swap free accounts

  For trades where the swaps are normally positive (for instance, Buy on AUDUSD) the commission would be zero, and for those trades where Swaps are negative (Buy on EURUSD or Sell on AUDUSD etc.) the commission will be 75% of the swap, i.e.: 0.75*swap....
Orange arrow Do you have any restrictions on scalping?

  We have no restrictions on scalping....
Orange arrow When exactly is the rollover/swap fees charged?

  The rollover/swap fees are charged/credited triple at 23:59-00:00 (server time) on Wednesday nights to make up for the weekend. Otherwise it is at this time on the other weekdays. Please note that in the summer our server time is GMT+3 and in the winter GMT+2. See here for further details....
Orange arrow Do you offer binary options for trading?

  No, we are not a binary options broker....
Orange arrow Can I lose more money than I deposit with you? Do you offer negative balance protection?

  Using a lot of leverage has an inherent risk of losing more money than was initially deposited into a trading account. This can result in a negative balance, but fear not, we are not going to send collections agencies after you or engage in any legal actions to recover our money. We operate with a...
Orange arrow How to set or change Investor Password for Mt4 trading account?

  The Investor password can be created from within Backoffice user area and enables the trader to provide login details to another trader or third party service providers so that they can see trade history. Trading is not allowed when the investor password is used. This gives the trader the peace of...
Orange arrow Why is trade disabled on my account?

  The message ‘Trade is disabled’ can be seen due to one of the 4 reasons below: A user has attempted to trade on a weekend (Saturday, Sunday) or outside trading hours for a trading instrument. To check if this is the case, you can find the schedule for each trading instrument on our w...
Orange arrow Why was the SL triggered on my sell order when the price didn't seem to reach the level?

  This is a very common question and 9 times out of 10, this is the reason why traders make this mistake: All sell orders are opened at the BID price and closed at the ASK price. Normally when a trader raises this dispute with us, it is because they are looking at the BID price in MetaTrader, which ...
Orange arrow How do you calculate ECN commission?

  Please note that the calculation of the ECN commission is based upon the volume in USD. All trades on ECN accounts are subject to a commission of 3.5 USD per notional trading amount of 100,000 USD. In other words the total amount of commission for a round-turn lot will be 7 USD. EXAMPLE 1. Let&rsq...
Orange arrow How many open orders or pending orders can I have on the same Symbol/Pair at any given time?

  There is no limit as such for one particular currency pair. However, we do have a maximum of 300 orders (open and pending) for each of your accounts at any given time....
Orange arrow When I try to withdraw funds, why does it say I have zero funds available for withdrawal?

  It is very likely you have an open position preventing this from happening. Please keep in mind that the margin necessary to maintain an open position reduces the amount of funds available for withdrawal. Please check the "Free Margin" on your MetaTrader platform to see how much is available for w...
Orange arrow Why do spreads widen significantly at certain times?

  This could be for a number of reasons: the market opening or closing, rollover time, macroeconomic event releases, public speeches by significant global leaders, pre and post-holiday periods and long weekends. All these things affect liquidity and cause spreads to widen. We don't interfere with liq...
Orange arrow What does the 'bonus converted' message mean?

  The bonus converted message means that you have satisfied the trading requirements to keep your bonus and are now able to withdraw that amount as real money....

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