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Orange arrow How do you calculate the trading volume for Pips+?

  The calculation is AUTOMATICALLY processed by the system for the last 30 days. However, if you meet the volume requirements for an upgrade half way through the month, our servers are updated every day at 2am in the summer and 1am in the winter (server time), so you will be immediately upgraded; you...
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Orange arrow How do I know which Pips+ Tier I am currently trading in?

  A detailed schematic of our programme levels can be found in your Backoffice user profile. Your level is highlighted in green. Please log in to your Backoffice, go to Profile section and choose Pips+....
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Orange arrow Does your "Pips+" programme apply to MAM accounts?

  Yes, our Pips+ programme applies to Pro based Master MAM accounts. For example, if a money manager meets the necessary volume requirement (or there is sufficient equity), we reduce the commission for that MAM account (that includes all sub accounts)....
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Orange arrow How can I have the commission reduced on my Pro account?

  There are two ways you can reduce the commission. You either need to deposit more than $10 000 or trade more than 10 million units of currencies in a month. The more you deposit or the higher your trading volume, the less commission you will be charged on your Pro account. Take a look at the table ...
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Orange arrow When does the tier change take place in the Pips+ Programme?

  We update our Pips+ programme once a day at 2am server time in the summer and at 1am in the winter. If your profile qualifies for an upgrade, it is at this time you will be automatically reallocated to your new tier. You will not need to wait until the end of the month to benefit from the better tr...
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Orange arrow Am I entitled to the Pips+ programme?

  All of our clients with MT4 and MT5 Pro accounts are automatically enrolled. If you are using one of our Classic accounts, but want to take advantage of our loyalty programme, simply open a Pro account from within your Backoffice, free of charge....
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Orange arrow What is the Pips+ programme?

  Our Pips+ loyalty programme is a way for our most active traders to reduce their trading costs; in other words, to benefit from reduced commission on all Pro accounts. The programme consists of five tiers and all our Pro clients are automatically enrolled....
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