How do you calculate the volume necessary to convert my bonus money into real money?

How do you calculate the volume necessary to convert my bonus money into real money?

We offer a generous deposit bonus plan to our customers when they make a deposit. In order to receive the bonus money, you are required to meet certain volume requirements. The volume is measured in trade size.


There are two parts to every trade. When you Opening a trade, (whether buy or sell) is the first part, closing the trade is the second part. When you buy/sell 1 lot of USDCHF that’s 100,000 units in terms of volume, and in order to close this trade you will need to sell/buy your 1 lot of USDCHF. When you open and close out a trade, this is commonly referred to as a round turn or round-trip lot. Each round turn lot of the USDCHF is worth 200,000 units of volume. The volume is adjusted upward or downwards, depending on the size of your trade.


In this USDCHF example, USD is the base currency here and volume is calculated in USD terms as per market convention. When you are trading other, non-USD based currencies e.g. EURUSD, the

traded volume will need to be converted to USD. Remember, 1 lot of EURUSD doesn’t equal USD 100,000, it is equal to EUR 100,000. For the purpose of this example, we are going to assume the EURUSD exchange rate being 1.07150. We multiply this by 100,000 and get 107,150. Since there are two sides to each trade, we multiply this by two and we get 214,300. That would be our volume in USD terms if we opened and closed a 1 lot EURUSD trade.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to manually keep track of your trading volume. Our system does that automatically for you. These totals are all done for you in your Backoffice. Check out our video tutorial on where to look up the volume.


*Please contact us to find out if your account qualifies for a bonus.