How much can I deposit by card?

How much can I deposit by card?

Well, that all depends on the size and frequency of your deposits. We have a rolling deposit system, which we’ll try to explain as simply as possible.


Within any 30-day period you can deposit a maximum of USD 10,000 by card. You can do this in as many small deposits as you want (3 transactions per day), but the maximum is USD 10,000 in the 30-day period (which starts from your first deposit).

Let’s take a 30-day time period as an example, and we’ll say that you want to use the maximum permitted. On Day 1 you decide to deposit USD 4,000, but on Day 5 you decide to deposit a further USD 5,500. That means you can only deposit a further USD 500, which you decide to do on Day 15. That means after Day 15 you will not be able to deposit again by card until the 30-day period finishes.

This is where it may get a little tricky. In the following month, you will again be able to deposit USD 10,000, but no bigger than the previous month’s deposits. For example, if you wanted to deposit USD 5,000 on Day 2 of the following month, you would not be able to do so and would have to wait until Day 5 as you’d made a large USD 5,500 deposit on that day in the previous month, which would cover your USD 5,000 deposit.

Let’s take another example where you don’t want to deposit the maximum USD 10,000. On Day 1 you deposit USD 100, and on Day 20 you deposit another USD 100. On Day 1 of the following month, you would be able to deposit the USD 9,800 you hadn’t used the previous month PLUS the USD 100 from the original Day 1 deposit.

*For your convenience, the calculation is done automatically within Backoffice user profile in Deposit section.

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