How to deposit crypto?

How to deposit crypto?

1. Generate an FXChoice wallet address

In Backoffice, go to the Deposit section. Click the icon of the crypto you are depositing (i.e. if you bought Bitcoin at the exchange, click Bitcoin). Fill in the form:

  •        Account — select the account you wish to trade from and receive 0% fees on conversion. Remember, you can deposit to fiat (USD, EUR etc.) accounts as well as cryto.
  •        Amount — insert how much crypto you will be sending
  •        Currency — this should be automatically filled in, but please double-check

Tick the box and click Submit. You’ll be given another chance to check, then click Confirm.

The address that is generated will be for this transaction only. Copy the address and paste it to Notepad, or keep this tab open.

2. Send crypto to FXChoice

Log in to your exchange. Here you want to transfer funds from your exchange to FXChoice. All exchanges are different, but most will provide comprehensive tutorials on how to do this.

When you are asked to input the address and amount, paste the address provided in Step 1 and send the correct amount.

The transaction will generally take 1-2 hours to reach your FXChoice wallet. You will receive an email confirmation when the funds are ready to be traded.

Each crypto transaction also incurs a small network fee: USD 0.002 – USD 5 per transaction, dynamically calculated.

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