How to withdraw crypto?

How to withdraw crypto?

1. Ready your destination crypto address

This could be the address at your exchange, or it could be your local wallet. Copy it!

2. Withdraw from FXChoice

In Backoffice, click Withdrawal. Click the icon of the crypto you are withdrawing (i.e. if you are withdrawing Bitcoin, click Bitcoin). Fill in the form, pasting the destination address into the relevant field to guarantee accuracy. Click Submit, then click Confirm in the email we send to you.

If you want to withdraw from a fiat account (USD, EUR etc.) to an external crypto address, it is cheaper to do this directly instead of doing an internal transfer from USD to crypto first (1.5% vs 3% fees).

3. Receive funds

Once you submit the withdrawal request in Backoffice, you will receive an email with a link to confirm your withdrawal. Click it, and the funds will be dispersed within 24 hours on working days.

Withdrawal fees

Each crypto transaction also incurs a small network fee: USD 0.002 – USD 5 per transaction, dynamically calculated

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